My 10-years-old daughter Olivia takes private piano lessons and voice lessons with Ms. Myoung Han. Myoung is an extremely talented musician and pianist who not only work on technique, but also theory, musicality, effective practicing, and building repertoire. Thanks to Myoung’s positive and encouraging teaching style. I would certainly recommend Myoung to anyone who has always wanted to learn piano and voice.
— Smitha Paul
My elementary school-aged children have been taking voice and piano lessons with Mrs. Han for almost 4 years. She manages to blend high expectations with humor and warmth.
My children love her, and their musical abilities are growing faster than we hoped.
— Kavita Babu
I am an intermediate singer and was looking for a good professor who could show me proper singing techniques and train my musical hear. I can tell you when I read about Myoung’s background, I was impressed but really had no idea how much I was going to learn with her. She helped me develop a potential that I never knew I had. I have been able to sing comfortably high notes which has also been extremely hard for me because I am naturally a low voice. My range has really expanded! We sing different music styles, as she is comfortable in all of them. She has great tips and techniques for pitch problems, projecting the voice, singing with no tension... She has a true passion for music that she communicates to her students. She is very professional. If you really put the work in you will be amazed on how much she can help you grow as a musician! So far my experience has been delightful and I am still continuing
— Audrey Sibailly

Our Mission


We’re excited to see so many students growing with us. M&D intends to develop all students to their maximum musical achievement, regardless of their talent level.  

At M&D , we make music for life! We hope you’ll join us in making music part of your life.



Myoung Han & Dennis Montgomery III


Myoung Ok Han

Myoung is a specialized teacher for voice, piano, percussion, composition, choir, and guitar. She has earned her master's degree at Longy School of Music of Bard College in the United States. She got her bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music in the United States. She previously attended university back in South Korea, where she got a bachelor's degree at Kyung Hee University.  She was a professor of the top five music colleges of South Korea between 2005 and 2009. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in different settings including being a professor for different colleges, as well as being an instructor of music schools and hosting private lessons. Ms. Han is also a professional pop/gospel singer and song writer. She represented South Korea in the World Phonograph Exhibition of 1997. She has released three professional records of different genres, including pop, gospel, and jazz. Ms. Han was also a former owner of a music school in South Korea between 1993 and 1996. Currently she is one of the proud owners of M&D Music School!

Dennis Montgomery III

Dennis is a professional teacher for piano, organ, hammond organ, voice, composition, and choir.  He received his bachelor's degree at Berklee College of Music, where he is now a permanent professor.  He has been working for them for 28 years. He created a Gospel curriculum for Berklee College of Music.  He has hosted 5 gospel workshops in New England Conservatory and other colleges in the United States.  He has had many recording sessions and performances with various celebrities.  Similar to Ms. Han, he has released his own record and has had over 30 years of teaching experiences via public teaching (Berklee College of Music) as well as private lessons. Mr. Montgomery has also casted in the 2017 movie "Detroit."  He is now one of the proud owners of M&D Music School.