Our school offers a range of different activities including private music lessons, recitals, group rhythm, choir, and recording sessions!


We offer private music lessons in Worcester, MA.

We teach people to help them familiarize themselves with different instruments and all music styles/genres, including voice, piano, organ, hammond organ, and guitar.

We teach youth(3+) to adults (65+)!  For school lessons, pricing is as follows:

  • 30 Minute Lesson: $150.00

  • 45 Minute Lesson: $200.00

  • One Hour Lesson: $250.00 Per Month (Every 4 Weeks)

For student in-home lessons, pricing is as follows:

  • 30 Minute Lesson: $180

  • 45 Minute Lesson: $235

  • One Hour Lesson: $280 Per Month (Every 4 Weeks)

Recital Fee: $10



Our school hosts two annual recitals.  One is in the summer, and one is in the winter.  We would love for you to attend.  Be sure to stay up to date with our events by checking our calendar on the home page!



Private lessons for composition are offered at our school as well!

Recording Sessions

Interested in having private recording sessions?  Our school has the proper equipment that can make this possible.  Feel free to contact us for more information!


group activities


Our school also offers some group activities such as group rhythm and choir!  Students have the option of choosing an additional class that will be open once a week or more.  These group sessions are an hour long and they are available for $20 a session.  This is a great opportunity for existing students!



Students of our music school agree to adhere to the following policies:


  • A one-time registration fee of $30 will be charged upon signing up.


  • Tuition payments will only be accepted in the form of check or cash.


  • Students can only have up to three make up lessons per year.  The instructor must be notified at least 24 hours before the lesson and must send confirmation to the student.  Vacation trip absence do not contribute as a make up lesson - such lessons are rescheduled.


  • Monthly tuition is not refundable; once registered, students must attend all 4 sessions per month.